Our Library, Books & DVD resources.


Over many years the Fibromyalgia Society has bought a wide selection of books for our members to help us gain more knowledge about Fibromyalgia and other related health conditions, to help us educate others, raise awareness and remain current with new advances in research and other events pertaining to Fibromyalgia and ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Besides the books we have a large collection of magazines, especially Quest, which is published by THE NATIONAL ME/FM ACTION NETWORK, the Canadian educational awareness and advocacy organization. Quest magazines are also available for our members to borrow on a

monthly basis.

Jan Purpur has made a special effort to provide a current list of the titles and authors of our library books. The Library Books will be available to our members to borrow.



You can contact Jan, our Library Coordinator, at janepurp@telus.net or phone her at 780-458-2361 in the afternoon to borrow any of these books or for further information. The books can then be brought to the next up-coming meeting for you to borrow for a month and are to be returned at the following meeting.

We will require your name, address, phone number and your signature in our Lending Book before the book or magazine is lent to you. This way we are able to keep a record of the books and magazines. We will have the Lending Book at the meeting for you to sign out your book or magazine. No more than 2 items at a time can be signed out and they must all be returned in the same good shape you received them. At this time we are not asking for a deposit as books or magazines are borrowed.

Please remember, these books and magazines are valuable; in some cases we have only one copy and some books are not available any more. In short, this library is our precious resource, so help us share this valuable information with all our members.

We expect you to be responsible in taking care of these books and magazines when you sign them out and return them on time if you wish to have this privilege.

Thank you, and enjoy reading these books and magazines, a most valuable asset belonging to the Fibromyalgia Society of Edmonton and Area.

From the Fibromyalgia Society Board;
Library Coordinators: Jan Purpur and Shirley Mireau

Our Collection


BOOK LIST (updated Oct'16)                                                                                  (Copies)

1. Advancing the Inclusion of People with Disabilities (c04)                                          2

2. Adrenal Fatigue by James L Wilson                                                                          1

3. After Disability by Lisa Bendall (c06)                                                                         1

4. Alternative Treatments for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

by M.Skelly and A. Helm (c99)                                                                                      1

5. Arthritis Help Book by K. Sarig and J Fries MD (c95)                                               2

6. The Book Of Awakening by Mark Nepo (c2000)                                                      1

7. Changing Course- Healing from loss,abandonment and fear C Black (c99)             1

8. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia by A Bested, MD,FRCP (c06)           2

9. Curing Fatigue by D Bell MD (c96)                                                                            1

10. The Fibromyalgia Advocate by D Starlanyl MD                                                      3

11. Eating Alive ll by J Matsen (c04)                                                                             1

12. Fibromyalgia a Comprehensive Approach by M Williamson (c96)                         2

13. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myfascial Pain Syndrome                                             1

14. Fibromyalgia for Dummies by R Stoud                                                                   1

15. The Fibromyalgia Help Book                                                                                   2

16. Fibromyalgia Health Diet Guide and Cookbook

by Dr McCrindle and Dr A Bested                                                                                 1

17. Fibromyalgia and Mind Body Spirit Connection by W Salt MD (c2000)                  1

18. Fibromyalgia Solution by D Dryland MD                                                                 1

19. The Fibromyalgia Survivor by M Pellegrino MD                                                     2

20. The Fibromyalgia Syndrome (A clinical case definition of practitioners)

by J Russell MD PhD                                                                                                   2

21. Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal by Readers Digest (c97)                              1

22. From Fatigued to Fantastic by J Teitelbaum MD (c96)                                          1

23. Hoping,Coping and Moping by R Juene PhD                                                         1

24. Making Sense of Fibromyalgia by D Wallace MD                                                  1

25. Managing Cancer Pain by R Gallagher MD (c05)                                                   1

26. Managing Pain by R.Jovey MD (c08)                                                                     1

27. Mayo Clinic on Chronic Pain                                                                                   1

28. The Mindfullness Solution to Pain by Dr J Gardner-Nix (c08)                                 1

29. Muscle Pain, Myofascial Pain and Fibromyalgia by L Vecchiey MD                      1

30. On Toby's Terms (Chesapeake Bay Retriever)                                                      1

31. The Passion Test (Discovering your life's purpose) by J and C Attwood (c07)      1

32. Quest Collection ll - Newsletter Articles 1999-2003 National MF/FM                      1

33. Quest Collection lll Newsletter Articles 2004-2008 National MF/FM                        1

34. Reversing Fibromyalgia                                                                                           1

35. Simple Abundance (Day Book of Comfort and Joy)                                               1

36. Taking Charge of Fibromyalgia by J Kelly MS RN (c96)                                         1

37. Taking Control of TMJ                                                                                             1

38. Teach Me National ME/FM Action Network                                                             2

39. The Trigger Points Therapy Work Book                                                                   1

40. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Fibromyalgia

By R Amand MD and C Mark                                                                                         1

41. When Muscle Pain Won't Go Away by G Backstrom                                               1


Coping with Fibromyalgia by B Ediger (c96)                                                                  4
Fibromyalgia Fighting Back by B Spencer                                                                     1
Finding Hope by R Jevne and J Miller (c79)                                                                  2
Living with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain (daily reflections)                                        1
Treating Fibromyalgia by B Ediger (97)                                                                         2

FM Network 2006 - present multiple copies
Quest 2006 - present multiple copies

Merciful Awareness(meditations to relieve pain) by S Levine (c99)                            (2 tapes)
Time for Healing (CD) -relaxation for mind and body by C Regan PhD


Living with Fibromyalgia (c05)
Snoring and Sleep Apnea (c06)