My name is Dick Swaren. I am letting my hair grow and will not have it cut until I have raised $5000 for the Fibromyalgia Society of Edmonton and Area. My wife, Chris, is President. The Fibromyalgia Society office has been in our home for 10 years. It is essential to the future of the FM Society that we have “A Gathering Place” that would be accessible to our members and the public.

A Gathering Place will:

1.     Provide space where people can come and receive support.

2.     Provide us with an office to conduct Society business and maintain our records.

3.     Make our programs, library and other resources more available.

4.     Make the Fibromyalgia Society more visible to the public.

5.     Enhance our networking with other organizations.


The FM Society has received a generous financial gift that will enable us to initiate a rental arrangement. Further funding will be needed for a rental contract and to prepare the current office for this move. Most of our Members and Board Members are too ill to continue with fundraising projects which take a lot of energy.  This is why I have chosen this personal fundraiser.  With the approval of the Board of the Fibromyalgia Society of Edmonton and Area,

I will be asking for donations and will not cut my hair until I have raised $5000. Other members will be invited to promote this fundraiser in a way that will help raise public awareness about Fibromyalgia and have some fun in the process.


Donations may be made by sending a cheque to the above address or directly to me.  Although we do not yet have a Charitable Donations Number, you will receive a receipt and your name will be recognized as a donor to this project.

For more information check our website

Thank you very much for your support.


Dick Swaren

 “Hair Raising Fundraiser has become a Family Affair”


 UPDATE – 18 May, 2017


To date we have raised $3000


In support of this Fundraising Project, my wife Chris who is President of the Fibromyalgia Society of Edmonton and Area, is also growing her hair long. As you will see from the “Family Photo”, the furry member of our family also has long hair. “Joey” would like to get a spring hair cut as soon as we reach our fund raising objective. We had this picture taken to portray what a shaggy, long hair, “Hair Raising” family we have become. Chris likes her long hair but would like to get it styled a bit shorter.  I sure would like to get my hair cut as soon as possible. So please help us reach this Fundraiser goal of $5000 for a Fibromyalgia Society Gathering Place / Office

Watch for special events for the hair raising project during May Fibromyalgia Awareness Month!

Please send your donation to:

Fibromyalgia Society of Edmonton and Area

P.O. Box 68192

162 Bonnie Doon Mall

Edmonton AB  T6C 4N6